Sprekende Ezels performance

Last Wednesday, 25th February, Illusion of Purity participated in the monthly Brussels edition of the open microphone event "De Sprekende Ezels". In a crowded café Monk in the center of Brussels, the following poems were recited by Illusion of Purity:

"Destination: Nowhere"
"Mood Swings"
"Tomorrow on my Side"
"Another Scar" (slightly shortened version)

The whole event used a guitarist and drummer as "background band" during all performances. Gerrit had asked to not use any background music because of the intimacy aspect of poetry. However, during the last poem the background musicians started to play anyways. Luckily the distraction lasted only a second, and the poem could continue to be recited properly, with relatively low-key music on the background. Hopefully the audience appreciated this unexpected surprise!

The organisation named the darker poems perfect for this time of the year, the cold February month, … But hopefully the 2 more hopeful and optimistic poems got the attention of the audience just as well, it was a deliberate choice to end the set with a more hopeful poem.

The next Illusion of Purity performances, both solo performances and participations in open microphone events, will be announced as soon as they are officialised. Keep an eye on this website. Those willing to help to find places to perform can get in touch using the contact form on this website.

Gerrit wishes to thank the organizers of De Sprekende Ezels in Brussels for offering time on stage, and to thank the audience for their attention and appreciation. A few people came to say thanks and congratulations after the performance, and that obviously means a lot to any performer. Thanks to anyone that was present in Monk last Wednesday, and hopefully new performances will follow soon.

About illusionofpurity

I am the founding member and only permanent member of the Illusion of Purity project. The project deals with life with psychological problems such as autism, manic depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder, ... and tries to use art to break the taboo about these disorders. Too many people suffer in silence because of the taboo and the many wrong stereotypes. Using art and speeches as a weapon against these taboos and stereotypes, this project aims to raise awareness about the true life with psychological problems. Additionally, a more philosophical and political undertone may appear throughout the project, although the main focus is mental health and the surrounding taboos. I myself have Asperger Syndrome, OCD/anxiety disorder and suffer from unipolar depression. Activism at this moment consists of mainly (but not solely) speeches and poetry. This may increase to include other activities in the future too. The project is based in Spain at the moment, my personal origins lie in Belgium.
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