Taboo wall against sexual intimadation and abusive language, 17th Oct, Brussels

A small announcement which is in fact somewhat off-topic, but it regards an initiative totally supported by Gerrit, as it has taboo breaking intentions too.

The initiative was started by a 15 year old girl from Brussels who has experienced sexually verbal abuse and intimidations, and whose female friends also experienced similar things on the Streets of the city. Sadly enough this is a taboo subject, not many girls/women will report these things and often the unacceptable behavior continues because of the lack of attention given to the problem. This 15 year old girl therefor started a "taboo wall" at school, where people can write on that wall the things shouted at them or the nasty experiences they have had regarding sexually abusive or intimidating language.

This is a great idea to take the issue into the limelight and present some real experiences collected on that wall, hopefully this will work as a wake-up call and indeed break the taboo atmosphere surrounding this issue.

On Friday 17/10/2014 there will be a taboo wall too on the Muntplein/Place de Monnaie very close to the Bourse, in Brussels. Everyone who is wanting to tell their experiences, can contribute and write on the wall. There will be a small stage with open microphone as well.

It’s in the very heart of the center of the city, so if you are in Brussels, please do support this initiative.

PS; as for Illusion of Purity itself, there has been a period of quietness. This doesn’t mean the project is less active, quite the contrary. Gerrit is writing actively, working on new poems, which will hopefully be finished soon. Some other plans are awaiting too, so keep an eye on this site. There may be some big events in the near future involving Illusion of Purity.

About illusionofpurity

I am the founding member and only permanent member of the Illusion of Purity project. The project deals with life with psychological problems such as autism, manic depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder, ... and tries to use art to break the taboo about these disorders. Too many people suffer in silence because of the taboo and the many wrong stereotypes. Using art and speeches as a weapon against these taboos and stereotypes, this project aims to raise awareness about the true life with psychological problems. Additionally, a more philosophical and political undertone may appear throughout the project, although the main focus is mental health and the surrounding taboos. I myself have Asperger Syndrome, OCD/anxiety disorder and suffer from unipolar depression. Activism at this moment consists of mainly (but not solely) speeches and poetry. This may increase to include other activities in the future too. The project is based in Spain at the moment, my personal origins lie in Belgium.
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