Illusion of Purity performed at university’s Artbeats Festival

Last week Illusion of Purity participated in Citylicious heART, the Thursday variety evening organised by VUB students as part of the 5 day cultural festival Artbeats Festival. The festival, including the Thursday show, was entirely organised by students from the VUB (one of the universities in Brussels).

Illusion of Purity performed as third out of 4 acts on Thursday night and brought a poetry reading of half an hour, this time with very professionally done slides (for which I have to thank those in charge of everything technical). 9 poems were written, in additional to the motto of Illusion of Purity: forget about old fashioned conservative rules and norms that are outdated and, in an atmosphere of necessary respect to everyone else (!!), fully develop yourself and let your inner dove fly free!

Illusion of Purity wishes to thank the students who did an amazing job in getting this night organised. The hall, the stage, the tiny little extras, it was all done extremely well. Congratulations to everyone involved in organising this festival. It was a great honour to be able to participate in this event and represent the art form of poetry during Thursday’s variety night.

Also a little sidenote goes to ROOS!, the young female singer-songwriter performing just before Illusion of Purity with a very beautiful set of acoustic guitar songs and some very poetic lyrics. An artist to keep an eye on who proved her talents as a guitarist and a singer. Highly recommendable!

With the two first Belgian performances done, Illusion of Purity will now continue the search for new performances. The contact form on this website can be used should anyone have proposals of a small hall or public place where something can be organised. The writing of new material is also ongoing. So keep an eye on this site for hopefully more news and dates.

About illusionofpurity

I am the founding member and only permanent member of the Illusion of Purity project. The project deals with life with psychological problems such as autism, manic depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder, ... and tries to use art to break the taboo about these disorders. Too many people suffer in silence because of the taboo and the many wrong stereotypes. Using art and speeches as a weapon against these taboos and stereotypes, this project aims to raise awareness about the true life with psychological problems. Additionally, a more philosophical and political undertone may appear throughout the project, although the main focus is mental health and the surrounding taboos. I myself have Asperger Syndrome, OCD/anxiety disorder and suffer from unipolar depression. Activism at this moment consists of mainly (but not solely) speeches and poetry. This may increase to include other activities in the future too. The project is based in Spain at the moment, my personal origins lie in Belgium.
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