Illusion of Purity interview + next gig upcoming at Artbeatsfestival!

Yesterday the first Belgian performance of Illusion of Purity took place in the LR6 venue in Brussels’ Marollen district. The attendance wasn’t high, but those who were there said to have enjoyed it a lot, which obviously means a lot more than numbers. I hope the audience will take home some food for thought, as this is obviously the main goal of Illusion of Purity as a project. Thanks to those who were there and of course to the people running LR6 for making this performance possible.

Illusion of Purity performs again next week, at Thursday 16th May, when the project participates in the Citylicious Heart event. This event is a variety show organised by university students, with music, comedy and indeed poetry (and a party after the final act !). The event is part of the Artbeats Festival going on from 13th until 17th May.


Thursday 16th May 2013
Illusion of Purity performing at Citylicious Heart event (Artbeatsfestival)
Venue: VUB KultuurKaffee, Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Elsene – Ixelles
Entrance: free
Illusion of Purity is scheduled to perform roughly between 9:20 PM and 9:50 PM.

Thanks to a group of enthousiast VUB university students for organising this and inviting Illusion of Purity for the poetry part of the event. An interview with Illusion of Purity has been done as well by the organisers of this event, and has been published on the famous Belgian website "De Wereld Morgen" (The World Tomorrow). The interview is in Dutch.

You can read the entire interview here:

Thanks to those who were at LR6 last night. Next destination: VUB university in Brussels!

PS: Please do send us a message should you know any venue where another poetry reading can be organised. We are constantly on the outlook for new venues where the message against the taboos can be spread! Any advice or address of a venue would be very much appreciated, because, as we often say: La lutte continue … The struggle goes on …

About illusionofpurity

I am the founding member and only permanent member of the Illusion of Purity project. The project deals with life with psychological problems such as autism, manic depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder, ... and tries to use art to break the taboo about these disorders. Too many people suffer in silence because of the taboo and the many wrong stereotypes. Using art and speeches as a weapon against these taboos and stereotypes, this project aims to raise awareness about the true life with psychological problems. Additionally, a more philosophical and political undertone may appear throughout the project, although the main focus is mental health and the surrounding taboos. I myself have Asperger Syndrome, OCD/anxiety disorder and suffer from unipolar depression. Activism at this moment consists of mainly (but not solely) speeches and poetry. This may increase to include other activities in the future too. The project is based in Spain at the moment, my personal origins lie in Belgium.
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